The Three Virtues

The Indian philosophy dictates that there are three energies or Virtues present in the natural order of things: life-giving energy, the force of change and, lastly, the peace that brings all three into balance. Perfection is to be found when these virtues work in perfect harmony. It was in search of this balance that I was inspired to create Kahani, a new Indian fusion cuisine.

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Kahani is the creation of acclaimed Indian inspired Chef, Peter Joseph.



Reservations can be made online, by emailing us at reservations@kahanilondon.com
or by calling 020 7730 7634

Our opening times are:
5:30pm- 10:30pm – Monday
12:00pm-3:00pm and 5:30pm – 10:30pm
Tuesday- Sunday

Christmas: 12:00pm-8:00pm
Boxing Day: 12:00pm-8:00pm